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NEW #MINIART KIT COMING SOON: 37062 K-51 RADIO TRUCK WITH TRAILER SCALE 1:35 www.miniart-models.com/product/37062

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Basically a re-box of the Miniart 35418…

Minus interior details (radio compartment) and with new decals to show post WW2 service.


Also, the trailer is the version with a canvas cover and no generator.


This one.


That’s it.

You could also leave the side lockers and any other radio parts (antennas, reels, etc.) off and make it a panel truck w/empty back as well.



Paint it in Navy Gull Gray and make it a Navy truck.


With the exception of one seller from Poland, the less expensive choice it to simply purchase the panel truck with or without the separate trailer.

Even paying shipping for two kits it’s the better deal.
And as the lockers can’t be used for anything else, by simply purchasing the panel truck there’s less wasted plastic, for those who care about such things.

And yes, it would look good in the Navy scheme. I’m doing the Dodge WC54 that way.


I find the Navy Gray vehicles rather elegant. In a sea of Olive Drab, they part the seas, like a Destroyer, looking for a target.

Specially with all the Chevrolet G series vehicles released by MiniArt as of late.

I’m sorely tempted to do a few 1/35 vehicles in Navy Gray. Panzerserra has done a few very good ones. If anyone is unfamiliar with his site, his builds are a treat.

Currently I’ve got several in 1/72 that need painting. although I may go with yellow for one just to vary things up a bit. Still looking into the “proper” yellow for that.
However, I will not, as someone oddly suggested once, go with any old gray primer for the gray. Might as well go for just any old dime store green for OD.

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You could try Vallejo US Interior Yellow, which is a pretty good match -


The color on the panel van I posted earlier is a bit of a bluish gray.


This would be my guess; I imagine the Navy would use the same paint used to paint their planes to paint their ground vehicles.