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Rowan tries out Eduard's new 3D Rivet decals.

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A very riveting post. However, the idea is not new at all. Archer did raised rivets as well, and they were very finely done. That thick film might be a deterrence for many simply because it does not look good Archer rivets did not have that. However, all is not lost. If you’re willing to put in the effort, you can feather the edges of the decal film with very fine sand paper. I even do this with regular decals sometimes if I know they’re too thick.


Supposedly Archer is making a return under new ownership.


Useful. Film edges a concern.

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I have used a Tamiya liquid cement (green cap) on Arches rivets to eliminate the edge on the decal film and it worked fairly well. Of course, you have to be gentle and not use too much cement.

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