3D designed Leopard 2A5/6 commander's periscope

I designed it over several days. I’ll be 3D test printing this weekend:

Added more details to the front:

I am aware that the embossing on the actual vehicle appears to be some serial numbers but I’ve decided to put Leopard 2A5-6 Commander’s scope 3D in German for the heck of it. You can’t make it out the text once you print in 1/35 or 1/48 anyway. :slight_smile:


Test prints look great. This is before I added some more details on the front - some more holes.

Needs some filling of holes on the top and cleaning up, but overall looks pretty darn close to the real thing and a great replacement for the plastic Leopard 2A5 and 6 offerings from Hobby Boss, Italeri, Revell, and I dare to say Tamiya.

Real thing (courtesy of Prime Portal):