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After introducing 3D MicroCosmos to its readers, Armorama publishes a review of some of the 3D printed weapon sets offered by the company.

This is partial text from the full article (usually with photos) at https://armorama.com/news/3d-microcosmos-weapon-sets
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The 1/16 modern weapons are very welcome as those are rare by the sellers who makes them.

The crispness of the resin looks fantastic! Nice and glad to know that there is another seller option out there! :grinning:

If you take the 1’35 50 cal and replace the barrel with an Aber barrel with holes in the cooler and end of barrel, and then replace the mechanical and handles and triggers with Aber, the 3D 50 cal will look great!

How about this?




@Maki Mario,

Does the 1/16 M4 come without a M203 attached to it, meaning do you get more than one 1/16 M4?

Pete, not sure what you mean about the 1/16 scale M4/M203… You get one M4/M203 in a set.

You can see the entire company catalog here:

3D Micro Cosmos - 3d printed Scale model parts and accessories (hobbymarket.gr)


@Maki Mario, thanks, I see what you mean now. I thought that one gets two 1/16 M4s in a set, but that is for 1/35 M4s.

Thanks for the catalog link.

I’ve got their MILAN and M2 offerings. Very nice.

Yes. Also the M2 with the Blank Firing Adapter barrel is excellent. The crisp detail really comes through in the 1/35 scale tool set. Plus they added this as a gift to my order.