3D print files

I am looking for 3D printing files that are for architectural details such as doors & windows. Decorative railings for balconies and fences and like items, street things like sewer drains, manhole covers and fire hydrants. Also, figures fantasy to modern soldiers from all nations.
I know very little on the subject. My Son in Law has recently picked up both a resin and the other kind where the material comes on a spool.
These would be inexpensive things he could make for me for Christmas gifts.
Any help is much appreciated ! Thank you !

Tom, do key word searches on thangs.com, cults3d.com, and sketchfab.com. There should be a plenty of free files you can choose from. Some need to be converted from FBX file to STL (or to OBJ file then to STL file). You can use Blender program for it.

Also check out Thingiverse. You may have to re-scale the objects, but I’ve found lots of models that made good starting points for “mixes.”


Thanks guys for the quick response ! I will pass this on to the “kid”. I am partial to the Davy Jones bust and the Dr. Doom figure. Those 2 pieces should keep me busy.
Hope you had a great Thanksgiving and a Black Friday full of modeling!
Thanks again!