3D Printed 1/9 Sci-Fi Soldier Completed

I airbrushed this figure using masking tape and Mission Models paints.

It’s a custom 1/9 3D printed figure that I found and bought online.

The circular additions in the suit are Gundam greeblies.

The base is a Secret Weapon Wargaming resin base.

Guns and belt grenades were purchased from a resin Sci-Fi figure bust company.

It’s about 10 inches tall.

Completed in 2020 during COVID pandemic.


That’s really nice. Figure has a serious Geth vibe to it, but more organic. I really like your colour choices. Very subtle, but it works beautifully.

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Very interesting concept. Nice finish

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Looks really good. Great finish, futuristic camo pattern kinda.


Great effort, Peer, nicely done

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I like the way you’ve done this- so many details you’ve got on the suit and a nice camo job to boot.

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Thanks, everybody. :grinning:

Awesome job, did you varnish before you pin washed?

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Thanks. I used Vallejo washes and inks to achieve the panel lines and tone down the camouflage. Sand pigments were applied to the feet and knees and also the base.

The entire figure was sprayed with a matt coat. I did not use oils or pin washes in the weathering process.