3D Printed Braille Kits

Hello everyone,

I have been intrigued at how far 3D printing has gone and the availability of subjects out there. I don’t have any plans of buying any 3D printers (that’s going to be a big rabbit hole of expense in both money and time). I decided to buy several models. Ones that I had often wished to be produced in plastic. I will highlight an Etsy vendor, PlayMoreIt3D. This vendor is based in Poland and has a very extensive listing of vehicles. A lot of which are not available in plastic pr resin. After much thinking, cost evaluation and personal desire of the subject, I ordered the M139D Honest John. I live in Los Angeles USA and the kit arrived from Poland in less than two weeks. Here are the parts:

I was excited about the low part count of less than 20. Looks like this is going to be a quick build!

Unfortunately, though there are less sprue to deal with, 3D printed models come with a heck of a whole lot of supports!! Oh well. Regarding the kit itself, there are still printing ridges, less prominent than earlier 3D models but still noticeable. I will experiment in getting rid of those. Here are a couple of detail shots of the cabin.

The hood shows the ridges. They almost look like finger prints. Here’s a shot of the bottom. The grill leaves much to be desired.

The supports are dizzying. The windshield broke on mine. But I think this is an easy fix. Just glad I didn’t lose the broken part.

Here are shots of the launcher support.

And the launcher itself.

The detail of the base is pretty impressive.

And finally a couple more shots.

Lots of cleaning to do after removing the supports but do it I must. Stay tuned.



That one-piece chassis is awesome. I recently completed a 1:35 #d printed resin truck, and has similar printing lines across the hood and both cab doors. In the 1:35 scale, fixing was a matter of sanding, filler and more sanding. For your 1:72 scale hood, I’ll say a prayer for you.
Regarding the grille, I’ll guess that after printing, insufficient time was allowed for the resin to fully set.
And yes, be careful when removing the supports. My truck has the “west coast” mirror frames, and each was buried in the forest of supports. It worked out OK, as nothing broke during surgery.

Thats an intimidating looking kit to me…I’m too chicken to dip my toes into 3d printing as of yet.


Joseph, as I’m a fan of WW1 and interwar subjects, I’ve built a bunch of 3D printed kits in 1:35 scale. Your striations are worse than I’m seeing on recently released kits. Mr. Surfacer 1000 rattle can is your new best friend. It is self-leveling and filling. It will make most of the minor striations disappear. Given how bad the striations are on this kit, I’d first sand them out of easily accessible surfaces, then prime the unassembled parts with Mr. Surfacer 1000 and sand the remaining striations. On some kits, I’ve had to use two coats of rattle can Mr. Surfacer 1000 with sanding between coats. Enjoy!

Well, to me any kit of an Honest John is more than welcome; I’ll be following this with no small interest.

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:joy: m75, thanks for the prayer! Regarding the grille, I might just leave it as is. Looks like it will be partially hidden by the launcher support. I will see if I can work out a good way of removing the supports AND smoothing out the printing ridges.

I am actually working on another 3D printed model. I could not reach inside the interior to sand the ridges. I figured, I’ll just spray Mr.Finishing Surfacer 1500 on it and won’t worry about it since it is not viewable. To my surprise, the ridges are gone! The interior was smooth! Very impressive stuff!

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BTW, I took screen grabs from the Etsy vendor. Here are shots of the Honest John that convinced me to get it.


Here is the interior I mentioned. Though hard to see after the primer was applied, the ridges are gone without any extra effort.


Didn’t the truck have railings on the sides? Too many years ago, I had the Revell 1/43 Honest John and the truck had those railings.
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Not sure actually. I did google images of the Honest John and did not find any railings. But then again, I don’t claim to be an expert on this subject.

Forgive me Leo, but I just wonder if you’re thinking of the Lacrosse missile system?

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Doh!! …Maybe…( feeling a little :sheep:-ish)
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Supports have been removed! Lots of work for sure. I think I prefer working with plastic kits!

Problem encountered. Fins are bent!

I resolved this by dipping it in hot water and straightening the fins.

More work ahead with removing the print marks.

Here are parts now relatively cleaned.

I started gluing parts together. The fit of the parts are great.

Here it is dry fitted. Not too bad looking.


Lots of hard work there. Your removal of the printing striations shows! keep at it; what you’re showing as current work really displays the amount of detail for 1 1:72 scale model.