3D printed Halo Master Chief (1:32)

Size compare to my previous

Humbrol 117 is not the best match, but 117 is the call sign of the character, so I rolled with it.

The base is coloured with Pink and Blue, for the AI compagnons of the character.



Master Chief looks really nice.


3-D printing offers some figure and kit designs found nowhere else on market. :grinning:

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Yes, it offers better flexibility compare to moulded resin or plastic spues. Still a little expensive though.

Some of the 3-D offerings, especially figures, cannot be found anywhere else.

And the way the 3-D market progresses, there are way more new releases in the 3-D market than compared to resin and plastic kits.

Best of all, one can scale the sizes of the figures to one’s liking. True, still a little expensive, but one can order spare parts and custom tailor the 3-D print with the seller.

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