3D-printed sci-fi hoverbike 2.0

So I got myself an Elegoo Mars 2P 3D-printer.
I have been making all sorts of things in 3D-software for a very long time and with a 3D-printer, I can actually make physical models of what I have made on the computer.

I must admit that I, like many others, thought that by making more and more 3D-printed stuff, it would take away the craftmanship of scratchbuilding your own models.
Now that I have tried it, I have to say that it is only a compliment to the scratchbuilding.
It takes time to make a 3D-model and with the cleaning and getting everything to fit it´s pretty much the same effort as making it “from scratch”.

Anyways, I made a hoverbike in 3D Studio MAX. Printed it and then detailed, painted it and gave it a figure.
3D-printing has opened a new world for me but I think it´s just an evolution of the good ol´modelling.
Just my 2 cents.
I just wanted to share my first 3D-model and I hope you enjoy it!


What a great build and striking paint finish. Looks great.

Now that looks awesome. Great work.

Like the idea and the way you have broth it to life, some unique peace you have created.
:+1: :+1: :+1:

That looks great!

I really liked how you aligned the figure to the hoverbike and have the hands holding onto the grips and the feet resting on pedals…that was probably not easy to do.

I think this shows the potential of owning one of those printers- it allows interesting ideas like this to become a reality. I really like what you’ve done with it- reminds me of the big, long, front engined race cars of the 1920s and 30s and you’ve chosen an exceptional paint scheme and markings- very eye catching.

Beautiful work and it shows that I need to get into CAD & 3D printing as it’s the future.

I agree this is where the kits are being made and going to be made. It will expedite the mastering part of the production process.

Great looking model finish. You sculpt your own figures to fit your models, correct?