3D printed sprue holder

Anyone need (OK, no one “needs” this stuff b/c it’s just a hobby) or want a good sprue holder that is 3D printed?
I don’t actively sell my resin AM prints anymore but I got this really useful sprue holder design from Gunpla Runner Rack / Sprue Holder by Van_Houten - Thingiverse and Free 3D file Sprue tree holder・Design to download and 3D print・Cults so I wanted to share the gem. Both have the same designs (1st one uploaded in 2018 and the other uploaded in 2019) - not sure who copied who. I plan to improve on it a bit however (more on that below).

For the continental US purchases only - 8 USD to cover filament cost + Postage ($5 for the West Coast and Midwest or $6 for the East Coast). So $13 or $14 total depending on your location.
PayPal via friends & family preferred.
I am also open to good trades/bartering with kits in 1/35 if you want to organize your hobby space and thin your stash somewhat. I prefer the money at the moment since my stash is out of control. :smiley:

So I’ve been really liking this sprue holder (dimensions about 9cm x 10cm (3.54" x 3.9")) - compact, lightweight, and multi-directional use:

With a big sprue:

You can use the center dip to hold one:

With smaller sprues, lay it the other way:

Using the center dip:

Can put up to 2 sprues if small enough:

Anyway, you get the idea. How I plan to improve it a little based on my user experience:

  1. Expand the mid valley a bit to be able to stack a couple more sprues
  2. Lengthen the shorter section a bit to have a good balance either side:
  3. The angle of the triangular side should be more perpendicular to utilize both surfaces and have more of 90 degree angle either way.

Anyways, PM me if you want an improved version. Thanks for looking.

Kind regards,


I can endorse James - his stuff is top shelf! Buy with confidence.

I may get one if I get my workspace sorted

Amazing designer and amazing products. I am going to submit the proper funding request to the family finance officer and hopfully ill be able to order this.

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