3d Printed Tracks

I have never bought aftermarket tracks. Are there any that just snap together that do not require adhesive? I need them for Panzer 3 and 4. Thanks.

I just started putting together the DEF Models Sd.Kfz. 251/1 Late tracks they offer.

Pretty nice looking, but keep in mind to be careful when snapping them together, as i broke one pad already. :sweat_smile:

Ryefield Models makers a set for both Panzer III and panzer IV. In both Early and late version.


T-Rex Studio also makes several versions; including winter “Winterketten” versions.

As well as Heavy Hobby/Voyager Models

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I am not very satisfied with the clickable plastic (not 3D printed) tracks I have tried, they tend to either break or fall off.

Most of the 3D tracks use pins to assemble, like the real ones. It takes some more work but definitely stronger.

Panzer werks has a good range:

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Thanks folks. I didnt realize they are kinda pricey.

I was also less than impressed with the one set of snap-together track that I did. I had a heck of a time getting the tracks onto the vehicle and came close to binning them and starting over. I’ll stick to the pin based designs.

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And Quickwheels now make a new range with Quicktracks ! And they just snap together !
( I haven’t try )