3D printing clear parts

Hi all,

I need some help printing clear parts as my regular guy who does my print work could only produce this:

it needs to be totally clear as it’s a cockpit canopy for a spaceship.

all help and suggestions welcome


A bit of a ‘Holy Grail’ requirement David. By nature of the process, it is impossible to print perfectly clear parts as the layers refract light. Resin dipping and filling the layers can achieve good results, but not perfect:

If it were me, I would use this part as a master for vac forming clear sheet or for casting.

You would need to sand and smooth out all print lines and polish a smooth as possible.

For casting, make a ‘slush’ mould of the part. Basically set the part into a large slab of moulding clay, build up a Lego box big enough to go around the part with a minimum 1 cm between the Lego and the part for rigidity of the mould. Pour in a good mould making material and let it set.

When the mould is cured, remove the clay and your part. Then pour in some clear casting resin, and swirl it around making sure you get the resin right up the sides. Keep tipping it around to make sure the edges stay coated and when it starts to cure stop. If you keep tipping once curing starts, you may get thick run lines inside the part.

If swirling leaves you cold, you could always try a two part mould

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hmmm this is not the news I was hoping for :-/



I have a New resin vat on the way, as well as some clear resin to try myself as well. From reading there’s a bit more “vodoo” in the settings with clear resin. I’ll be trying as soon as everything gets here.

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@Matt keep me posted on how you get on with it

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@Matt keep me posted on how you get on with it

I sure will, once everything gets here!

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Everything is here finally. Going to start the test prints later on today.

Heres my first try with Siraya Tech Simple clear resin.

My next step is to setup a “water curing” station… Just need to get a big enough glass bowl… planning on using only Distilled water in it. and see how that helps with the clarity. I’m thinking the layering may have some effect on clarity to an extent.

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Looks like it could need some polishing.
Gonna burn a lot of elbow grease though …

For my application the lightbars don’t need to be perfectly clear, most have a whitish haze anyway.

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