400 Cu. Ft. Cinder Ladle Car

I finally got this done, I have been working off and on for almost a year and then procrastinating on the instruction sheet. Overall it was much easier than my William B Pollock Cinder Car.
This is a US Steel version of a Treadwell design built in 1961.


Michael, that looks incredible.

How many parts? Can you scale it up or down?

Looking at your site.


My question as well. I’m not familiar with those particular trucks with those huge journal boxes, but if you were to do truck sideframes and knuckle couplers in 1/35, I’ll bet you’d have a lot of takers.

Yes, the slicer program that comes with your 3D printer will have to ability to scale up or down. There are limits of course, most of the parts would be too small for HO but Proto:48 should be fine.

Those trucks are unique to Treadwell and not typically seen on other railroad cars.

Some good Bettendorfs would be nice.

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