5 ton dump truck gun trucks

Wanting to build a 5 ton dump truck gun truck and need any details, pics, etc. that I can get. The only pics that I have don’t show much detail. The trucks we had were Peace maker, later renamed Mafia Operated and an APC model, originally possibly peacemaker and later named Old glory. Any help is appreciated. I have all the gun truck books, but am looking for more details on the boxes, beds. Thanks. Wayne

type in gun trucks of Vietnam in your browser and tons of pictures and stories come up.






The Real model conversion only provided the parts to do the dump truck conversion. They never followed thru with the gun truck! What I’m looking for are details of the box, armament and such. There is a build of Mafia Operated in one of the Wild Ride books, but I have never been able to get a hold of the builder or who he built it for. I am thinking Peacemaker and The Judge, pictured in the Squadron book are the ones we had at Nha Trang in 72, before Peacemaker was renamed Mafia Operated.This was during the stand down and withdrawal and all units were brought under Engineer regions 1-4. Wayne

Have you tried “Vietnam land clearing companies” ? Or something like that?

When I was researching my Rome Plow build, I found a bunch of pictures of Engineers trucks and other equipment. Unfortunately I didn’t save any links.

I know you’ve probably seen this:

There are a few dump trucks and bridge trucks.

Unfortunatly when I was around them I wasn’t to interested in their layout and the crews were pretty standoffish to newbies. As I said, they were standing down units and shuffelling people around to fill slots. I had been in a unit at Long Binh and was transferred to a unit in Nha Trang. We covered 2nd Corp. I was at Pleiku during the Easter Offensive and then at Lane Army Airfield out side of Qui Nhon. I only have this and another picture, which I can’t locate at the moment. The gun truck is behind my dump truck. Wayne