56 Chevy El Camino

Hi folks.

Taking a break from the big V8 project, I’ve decided to start working on chapter 3 of the “Tri-5 El Nomado” conversion series. I completed the '55 and '57 builds a while back, so it’s time to crack open the '56!

Here’s a quick recap of the '55 and '57.

Having the Melbourne Model Expo on over the weekend gave me some inspiration so here’s where I’m at after initial surgery on the body.

Looking to do something a bit different with the rear window, so I carved off the last section of the Nomad roof and will graft it into place and work on cleaning up the transitions.

As always, please don’t hesitate to chime in with any comments, advice, critique and support!

Cheers, D


Great project series you’re building.