'65 Nissan Skyline 1/32 Arii

Model: '65 Nissan Skyline.
Branding: Arii.
Code: 41020.
Version: Owners Club.
Parts: 38.
Lenght: 180mm.
Width: 50mm.
Add-ons included : Nenhum.
Add-ons extras: Nenhum.
Decal: 1 opcion.
βœ“ S54B-2


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Very, very simples this kit.


Looks like a nicely detailed kit, straighforward build.

Please post up more progress as you move forward, we don’t see a lot of 1/32 kits here on the forum!

Cheers, D

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I will post the next steps.

A little progress, I open holes in exausts and steering wheel.


Dry fit finished!

Like others I need wait the paints arrive!

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