70 mm Ashoka Tano

This a Star Wars character - one of the good guys!

Comments? Likes…Dislikes?
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I really like it.

Is this representative of the animated version? I ask because in the Disney+ LIVE ACTION version, the colors of the lightsabers (both white) and her outfit (all black) are different. I wouldn’t go changing the colors though and I would just leave it “As is.” :grinning:

It’s representative of A version of her. I Googled and I used the version of her that matched the figure. There were several images of anime/graphic versions, as well as of the live action version - all of which differed to some degree.
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I think this depiction is from the “Clone Wars” animated series. The live action Ashoka from “The Mandalorian” and “Ashoka” series wears a dark blue, almost black outfit and uses the two white lightsabers.

Live action version

Animated series version

According to her “history” she made her original lightsabres - one greenish, and one yellowish-green. She seems to have had a habit of losing her weapons, or having them stolen. She went through at least 3 pairs of lightsabres, of different colors.
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Her current white sabers were fashioned after she purified the red Kyber Crystal from the Sixth Brother’s lightsaber after she killed him in battle. She literally ripped the crystals out of his lightsaber using the force.

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This is the version that matched the figure:

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We’re all nerds here… :rofl::pinched_fingers:

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This is Ashoka from the 2 last seasons of Clone Wars and in Rebel series.

That explains it then. Thanks for Ashoka’s history. :grinning: