75th Ranger vehicles markings

Hello, i’m working on the Ranger RSOV and I would like to know if these vehicles carry any unit markings.
If yes, what would these markings be.


Ps what color should i use, normal standard Nato Green ?

I believe the RSOVs were painted all black but don’t think they had any markings, not entirely sure about that though.

Hi Ge, I used Tamiya XF-69 for my build. On most pics the color is more like Black Grey. It should be noted that the HB kit is not a 100% replica of the RSOV, rather a Landrover WMIK with some US mods.
It seems that the only markings are bumpercodes.

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A lot of work on this kit to have a right vehicle. The kit is more a british prototype with US details than a real US ranger vehicle. (Look at the book from WWP publications G029).
Change seats, water cans, schackles,
Add footman loops, guard mesh, little pipes on front and rear bumpers, gunner platform.


The model and photos look great, but how about explaining what you had to change/correct on it.

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Rebuild the turret (I have used M1025 type) to have a correct ring mount and a correct weapon mount (mk64)

Not the angled mk93

Change seats, water cans, schackles, (british type for all those elements, in the kit)

Add footman loops, guard mesh, little pipes on front and rear bumpers, gunner platform (same as humvee), winch cable and hook.

Add a vertical little pipe on horizontal roll bar above the seats. Horizontal little pipe on sloping roll bar behind ammo racks on both sides.
Those sloping roll bars base must be moved 1,5 mm back to avoid an excess of the racks on the top of the slopping area of the bodywork.
Racks must be positionned with large vertical fences on the exterior side (this is not showed like this on instructions)

Cut the handles under the rear bumper and replace them identically under front bumper.

Change the rear lights on both sides.

Add 2 little blocks on left side of the rear sloping roll bar.

Build the mounting frame for holder cans on both sides.
Add antenna base with mount

The ring mount built with mk64 mount.

Bolted plate on each seat base instead of articulated access panel molded on the kit.

Remove the big triangular detail on Blackdog seats and built the brackets on both sides on each seat.

Footman loops locations:

Left side

Right side

New weapon mount with M249 machine gun with Mk2 buttstock.

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Some details shot of the missing pieces. Ring is definitly from HMMWV.



Hi guys,
Thanks for all the input and photos.
Now i know what to change on the HB model.

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Justa note on the kits origins. This is badged as RSOV. Ranger special operations vehicle but is more likely a basic SOV. My guess is it based on the one Withams Specialist Vehicles own. They are a company selling off mainly ex British military stuff.

They got a demonstrator in the 90’s and this is the basis l believe. I think the Philippines used these as well and theirs is closer to that spec than US. Still a solid basis though.

Regards Jason

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One note I forgot, the 2 rectangular front boxes are perforated on US vehicle, with 13 vertical rows of holes in the lenght.

Kit parts only have 11. But the concerned sprue is in 2 copies so you can cut 2 rows of holes and add them to the 11, to obtain the right lenght (That is what I did).

Of course, the bottom and the top part of each box need to be extended too.

You also need to change the 2 sloping plates on both side of the guard because they become too short with extended boxes in place.

The 2 sprues with boxes parts on the right.