77th Sentai Burma Ki-27

Ki-27 Otsu, 77th Sentai, Malaysia, 1941. Colors? Some references show IJA #1 grey green underside, #21 Midori iro green, #31 Cha-Kasshoku tea color. Some reference the afore mentioned with another green (IJA #27?) . A third scheme shows #1/#21/#31/ #3 grey indigo

. ( Lifelike decals mentions a “cobalt blue” but they do not sound convinced. That is a late war color. I think Indigo grey by virtue of the Sentai shop would most likely have it in stock)


Info for KI-27 Otsu with 24th Sentai at Clark AFB had same camo.Listed Midori iro 21 , #33 khaki and #28 Rei San Shoku (Indigo Blue). Any idea on a readily available equivalent? (Vallejo, AK, Mig, Hataka. ) Have #3 grey indigo but presume it is different than #28. Have the 21 and 33.