A 1/200 scale trawler equipped with the static version of the kit

Too bad you can’t hear the sounds, but there are!

Very nice - my only gripe with these lighting kits is the bridge should be lit with red lamps or dark . Pretty difficult to con the vessel when the bridge is all lit up but dark outside.

thanks for your comment. In fact, this is not a model (I’m not a good modeller myself), it is rather a demonstrator of what can be done with our kit.
The bridge lights can be made darker or from a different color upon your choice.
The kit also enable you to turn your model into a dynamic one (I’ve posted some videos on this forum already).
If you’re interested, you can see our models on our Youtube chanel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuXvxby4rZU47KcY1X6Hf-w/videos
and the different kits on our website:
What kind of model are you into?

Check out their product further and you’ll see you can alter colors like you can with the regular LED strips they sell at places like Walmart.

you know our products?

I’ve watched several of your videos.

sorry for the bad quality then… at least , I hope it gave you a good idea of the functionnalities of the kit?