A-6 Intruder kits

All right it’s that time of year again where it’s time to make Christmas lists! I was researching aircraft and came across the A-6 intruder. It’s one of the more intriguing aircraft I’ve come across and I need to build it.

As far as I know the two kings in this ring are kinetic and hobbyboss, from what I’ve read the hobby boss kit has the edge, however it also seems to be almost 50% more money.

Has anyone built these? And is the hobby boss kit really worth the extra coin? I’ll likely build the A-6E variant but would also be interested in the A-6E TRAM

I want one myself - IIRC the Kinetic kit was more appealing- accurate canopy shape , etc but it has been a while since I researched it . I assume you are referring to 1/48

Yup, 1/48 scale. My local hobby store has the kinetic A-6E for $86 Canadian or the hobby boss A-6A for $136, I can’t seem to see $60 in value difference between the two. I’m leaning towards the Kinetic kit but just want make to make sure I’m not missing something.

They are one neat bird

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Started a Kinetic A-6 and binned it.
One fuselage half was shaped like a banana, attach the tails together and the nose was over an 1 1/2 inch apart plus there was a break in the area of the cockpit. Wing root join had an ⅛ inch step on the upper wing surface, too much for sanding down, oh and that was only on one side! They may be alright now but that experience has put me off Kinetic.

I now have 2 Hobby Boss A-6 plus a Trumpeter 1/32 A-6.


Good to know! I’ll pick up the hobbyboss kit

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I’m working on the hobbyboss kit right now (fictional CA-6E Intruder aboard the Bonaventure) and it’s pretty darn good, falls together without many issues and it seems accurate.

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Good to hear! It’s such an interesting looking aircraft

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100% agree. Functional aircraft always look better in my opinion. Really, the only way the Intruder could look better is if you added another two seats…

In 1/72 scale, Fujimi is still the best. As I recall the Italeri is not all that bad, but not a Fujimi. In 1/48th scale the Hobby Boss kit is the big dawg. The Hobby Boss kit comes in the Vietnam era as well as the “tram” edition. The others are all A6e’s in one version or another. Kenetic does the EA6 and so does Monogram (1/48th). I think Hasegawa still does that one in 1/72. Fujimi also did the KA6 tanker, and I’m not sure if anybody else did.