A couple aircraft build questions

I am building hobby boss’ Me-262 and Nearing the end of the main construction on this one. The kit is quite nice and overall the fit was great, the nose was a bit fiddly so I have a few very small steps to sand flush. The wing root fit is near perfect and the only clean up will be a small dab of super glue where I sanded a bit too much. I’ll also have to rescribe a couple panel lines on the engines and likely the underside fueslage seam. (Engines and stabilizers aren’t glued on yet)

Before pressing on I had a couple questions.
First some of the seams between parts where there should be panel lines are quite tight, for example where the front engine cover connects to the main nacelle body:

This also occurs where the rear engine cover connect to the nacelle body and at the nose. I can feel a seam with finger nail, and i think it’ll take a wash but I am wondering if it is worth scribing them to give a bit more definition.

Second, I have some twin seams on opposite sides of the aircraft where panel lines should be, but they are slightly deeper/wider on each side. For example the panels that have the slots for the spent shell casing ejection ports:

This also occurs at the cannon cover on the nose. Would you fill them in and then rescribe to the same size? Or do you think they look okay as is?

Also open to any other remarks. Cheers!