A couple ME-262 questions

I am building hobby boss’ Me-262 A1A/U5 I am nearing the finish line and had a couple questions. It is the variant with 6 Mk 108 nose cannons with nose number V355. First I was wondering if any pictures of this aircraft exist, and if anyone knows of it saw combat. Second I need help identifying a part, part G15 below, what is it? It can’t seem to see it on surviving 262’s

If this plane was only a prototype I think I’ll add the Ruhrstahl X-4’s that come with it for a different look

Read through what you find here: http://www.kagero.eu/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=252:messerschmitt-me-262-schwalbe-vol-ii&catid=95&Itemid=688&limitstart=1

They claim Heinz Bar shot down a P-47 with it, but don’t name their source. I assume you’d have to buy the book to find that.

Cheers thanks, might pick up the book if I have too. I’ve enjoyed this kit quite a bit so I could see myself doing another hobby bos 262

The G15 parts look to be RATO packs. But that’s an educated guess on my part.

You are correct! I googled them (now that I know their name) and they appear to be Rheinmetall Borsig RL-502 RATO packs

@brekinapez thanks for the link, you are correct that Henrich Bär flew this Me-262 on April 27th 1945 and shot down a P-47. I was able to track the primary source to a Osprey Book on JV44.

This was likely one of the only flights of this aircraft. Still contemplating building this with the X-4

Seconds ahead of me. Here’s a picture from the Smithsonian

I had a look for photos of the aircraft and found 2. Unfortunately they are a view from above and only show the gun bay, not the aircraft (Me 262 Volume Two, J.R. Smith and E.J. Creek, pg 282, 1998).
112355 was the only one of its’ kind.


Thanks for the picture, and the information on this bird!

Any idea how commonly used the RL-502 were? Not sure if I should include them or leave them off for this build.

Here’s some more info on them from a gaming site. Lots of photos and some diagrams from a few books included, including a color photo of what I’m guessing is one captured at the end of the war. So something for occasional use, depending upon the situation.

Me-262 RATO

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