A couple of Chieftain-related questions

  1. Would ‘56’ be the appropriate bridge plate number for a Chieftain Mk.5?
  2. Was the ammo box mount for the commander’s machine gun angled backwards,
    rather than being at 90 degrees from the gun?



Yes to both

Many thanks!
Something occurred to me …
In Osprey’s ‘Chieftain Main Battle Tank 1965-2003’ (from their ‘New Vanguard’ series),
colour profile B is captioned ‘Chieftain 2(Y)/L, Headquarters Squadron, The Queen’s Royal Irish Hussars, Paderborn, BAOR, 1978’.
As far as I was aware, QRIH wore khaki berets (or perhaps I am mistaken). If so, would this be the correct colour of the tank crews’ berets, rather than black?


I’m pretty sure QRIH would be in dark green berets with a thick band ? Kings Royal Hussars wear a dark sandy brown beret with a red patch behind the badge. As far as I remember RTR are the only tankies who wear a real black beret… All the rest are a very very dark blue (almost black)