A couple of WW2 US Tankers…

Ok, sorry lads, I lied. Not a couple but, seven of the bloody things! I’m trying to get everything wrapped up for the year so, finally got round to taking a few pics. There’s a few Alpine here (obvious choice!), a couple of Panzerart, who I never realised actually made figures. I’ve had a few sets of wheels from them before but, their figures are a bit of a revelation. Last, but certainly not least, there’s a bit of a rare one from Nemrod (for Steel Masters).

First up, one of the Panzerart figures. I got this as a set.

Here’s the other one.

I’ll certainly be buying more of this range.
Next up, a few Alpine offerings. I swapped out the heads on these with the spares from the Panzerart offerings, apart from the first which has a Hornet head.

Another Panzerart figure. Couldn’t resist this chap. Looks like he’s just stepped out of a war film!

Ok, finally, the Nemrod fella. Lt. Colonel Creighton Abrams at Bastogne. My particular favourite!

I think I’ve now got US tankers out of my system…… or maybe not :grin:


Absolutely beautiful job on those figs Lazarus ! Great job painting them and your bases and groundwork are excellent too! Very inspiring!

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That’s a great set of tankers mate. You have really picked out the uniform colors to perfection- they look very authentic and the small settings are perfectly judged- just right to give a single fig an interesting background.

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Very nice! Your painting, the bases and the figures themselves all look great. How would you compare them to Alpine?

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Hi chaps, thanks for the comments. I really enjoyed doing these. It made a nice change after the 120mm Verlinden figs I’ve been doing. Hopefully soon, I’ll be back to doing some more in-depth conversions. Got a few planned so, watch this space…. The Panzerart figures are excellent. I get the feeling that they are 3D designed. The box art and website shows CAD images and they seem a bit more ‘stylised’ than the Alpine figs. Each has it’s own merits though. The Alpine figures seem more natural, if that makes sense? Only problem that I find with Alpine is the heads. They always seem a bit bland to me, totally unlike their 1/16 offerings. I’ve just finished my first 1/16 Alpine and, the difference is like chalk and cheese. The Nemrod figure was apparently made as a special edition for Steelmasters magazine. I got this one from a seller on eBay along with a couple of others. No idea if it’s still available or not.

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