A crane on a KrAZ


Anyone want to buy a kidney?
I’ll need to sell one …


Are you planning to build a real house for yourself?

Wow! Would I be right in envisaging that positioning a section of the Berlin Wall?

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I have a summerhouse (дача) by a big lake already
and my apartment is big enough, 223 Euros is still a
significant sum, it costs almost as much as a low to
mid price toilet seat :wink:

Definition of Crane: Term which makes model builders go absolutely ga-ga.
As in: “There’s a new crane coming out.”
“What,? Where,? How much? Never mind that! … Want it! Need it! Gotta’ have it!” :crazy_face:
Shipping: $9.95 US.
“Never mind.” :expressionless:

—mike :grin:


I think you could take some artistic license.


Photo reference page here:

The Wall was built in 1961
The KrAZ truck under the crane went into production in 1965.
As long as you don’t tell anybody
you could pretend that they are doing maintenance work,
replacing some sections due to shoddy concrete causing
the sections to deteriorate

I just about remember it going up - though at age 7 I was unaware ot the implications - but the grim images on our small black & white TV were real enough.

I don’t think I need another modelling project, though I do have a couple of Berlin Wall/IGB ideas in mind, just not one involving a crane!

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Well that’s exactly it. The Wall underwent several changes before being constructed as most of us know it - with those L shape sections. The Kraz could certainly have assisted in installing those. By artistic license I don’t mean the time frame (I find that nearly unforgivable when modelers do that) but rather the use of that crane shown above. Just because the photo I posted shows a different crane doesn’t mean they didn’t use the Kraz as well. Unless of course it wasn’t in the NVA TO&E or whatever they called it. Then it provably couldn’t have been used. But since the DDR did use variants of the Kraz 257 I say go for it.


NVA TOE isn’t necessarily an issue, their Soviet comrades could have loaned them a few to speed up the building process

In military service (maybe in Afghanistan… :roll_eyes: )