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Well, I’m in despair of ever being able to come close to this level. Absolutely stunning.

Yes technically brilliant work, isolate any area and there’s plenty to admire & good ol’ MiniArt street furniture prominently on display. The masonry alone is absolutely superb & I particularly like the glazing detail of the double green doors.

That said, maybe I’m getting old but the overall concept is incoherent - Despair? Who’s in despair? The Russian tanker hiding in the water, or the Germans? Where are we anyway, Budapest 1944? Berlin 1945? Sorry but for me dioramas need historical context, if there is no clear story or narrative it’s just an admirable 3D version of some Ron Volstad box-art. Just my opinion, others will doubtless disagree which will prove this site is a tolerant democracy :tumbler_glass: (And while I’m in grumpy mode this thread isn’t in the Diorama forum because…?)

The building is from Yan Model, probably the nicest resin ruined buildings you can buy
YanModel | Scale Model Works (y-m-f-model.com)

And the painting is great too!

This Dio looks amazing the whole thing just wants you to keep looking at it. I have come back to it many times and just realized I haven’t commented on it. The whole thing is a work of art, the base layout, the contours, the beautiful Yan Model building and of course the tank and figures. This would look at great not painted, just in black&white but not the only is the construction down well the painting is fantastic as well. I can’t believe the small amount of comments this Dio has got on here!!! Outstanding work :slight_smile:

I really think this is an amazing diorama. I will never be able to achieve this level of artistry. Maybe there is despair on both sides. The Germans know they are losing the war, and the Soviets just want to stay alive because they know the end is near. Just my 2 cents.