A few happy snaps from USS New Jersey modelcon 2021

This was an inaugural show organized by the Philadelphia Ship Model Society and having missed MosquitoCon the previous weekend I was desperate for any type of get together with other model builders(even if they don’t build things with tracks) It was actually a lot of fun, spoke for quite a while with a former M1 Abrams crewman who was there working on restoration of a 5" gun turret.

This was the position I took up at the back of the ward room.


Dumb question,was this on the New Jersey, looks really cool

Yep, outdoor shots were the displays on the fantail and indoor ones were in the ship’s ward room. It was a cool venue & reminded me of the model show they held aboard the Intrepid back in '96.

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Anthony @Tojo72 , this looks like it would have been right up your alley, I’ve seen some of your floaty boaties in different posts here on the forum, I would have enjoyed this myself.

Cajun :crocodile:

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Yes I used to live in New Jersey,been to the ship already,would have went for sure

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