A few things I picked up

I put this here because I had no idea where else it would go. I had heard about a full size, inflatable “88” shell for a Tiger Tank, and decided to get one. Everyplace I looked was out, or way too costly. I finally found one at the Tank Museum in jolly old England. The price was good but shipping to the US is not so much. So, I added a couple things to the list to make the most out of the shipping. I got a second blow-up shell, the 75mm for the M4 Sherman, and a pair of tank slippers.

These things actually look pretty nice! And they are a lot cheaper than any other replica you will find. They also have a 17 pounder shell, I may get that one next.

The slippers are cute, but a bit silly. I have wanted a nice set of tank slippers for a couple of years now, and these are nice.

As you can see, they are patterned after Tiger 131. They are actually rather accurate, for a pair of slippers.


I have the Sherman tank slippers. They may not be the most historically accurate (and feature an astonishing lack of period-correct stowage) but I always like seeing the reactions of customers who have a question about tank kits at work - who then see some idiot roll up on M4s.

Nice haul!