A hair's breadth Movie Greyhound and the Battle for the Atlantic | Model Shipwrights

A truly Prodigious diorama. "A Hair's Breadth" from the movie "Greyhound" that is set out in such a genius manner that you see the bottom of the hull. You can see the minute the torpedo scrapes the side of the hull, before heading in a different direction, which was fortunate for the commander and crew. This diorama epitomizes the struggle for the Battle of the Atlantic.

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“Greyhound” was a good movie; the battle scenes were amazing.


I enjoyed Greyhound. And yes, they battle scenes were beautifully done. Right down to the fire from one ship, striking another friendly ship during the surface action.
It makes a fine companion piece to Das Boat for the same era of the Battle of the Atlantic.


I agree, Greyhound is a great warship movie. Very much enjoyed it!

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