A little disappointed... new beginning

I took a break from model building for about 2 and a half years. I have started back up. I try to log on today and find my account is gone and my old username is available.

I understand these things happen, but damn. I started in like 2004 or 5. It’s a little frustrating. I never got any notice of changes/purging/whatever.

Oh well, fresh start I guess.

Basically, I build whatever I want however I want. A lot of armor and scifi. I will build straight out of box or detail to the point of obsession. I also like doing “what if” builds. I just moved from Colorado to Montana, so most of my stuff is still packed away. As soon as I reacquaint myself with the site I’ll post some pics.


Welcome back. Your profile wasn’t deleted, we started a new site in Oct '20. Everyone had to sign back up with their old or a new username and start over. The old site is archived if you want to go back and look up old content, but it is “view only” and you can’t log in. Click on the “Archived Sites” dropdown tab at the top center of the page (across the red banner) to go there if you like.

Posting images is a LOT easier on this site.
The difference is like night and day

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Definitely easier pictures!


Some more from what I’ve unpacked.

T-14 I think Zvezda. Over 2 years since I worked on these.

Meng Merkava 3D with some scratch detail and resin baskets kit. The texture is Rust-Oleum texture spray, decanted into a cup then brushed on.

Dragon king tiger, I think. This was a what if build. I can’t remember the exact kit used. I deleted a bunch of details and added a few mismatch parts from other tigers.


Welcome back to the madhouse … Look forward to seeing more in the future :+1:

What Johnnych01 said.
Want to see those kits finished :wink:

So do I! Bunch of repairs to make on all 3.

Welcome back. I remember you from the ‘Model Geek’ forum. We were in a campaign there, “Shell Of A Man”


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Welcome back!

I remember. I really liked that forum.

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yeah, me too

Welcome back. Get that Tiger II back running.

Welcome to the 406! I’m in Billings, where are you at?

Right now Alberton, just west of Missoula.

Are there any IPMS/clubs up here? I’ve been searching and can’t find anything. There was nothing on the IPMS website when I searched there.

Dont know of any. We have a local group out here but get togethers due to covid had put it on hiatus. I can say no good hobby stores in Bozeman, we have 2 good ones out here. Not sure if any out your way. Been to Missoula a bunch when we first moved here, my territory was the state so it took me out there once a quarter. If you find your way out here then let me know.

When I look up hobby store on google I get a bunch of places that are cleary not hobby stores or only have a small section for scale models. The one I went to only had a handful of models and only Tamiya and model masters enamel, both running low. Lame

Internet to the rescue … sad but that’s the way it is …

I like to support local stores. But the only thing I can seem to find is a limited selection of paint and sandpaper from auto stores. Amazon here I come.

Modeling just isn’t a pursuit up here, unless it burns oil or has a trigger or walks on 4 legs then a hobby just isn’t followed much. If you do wander out to Billings there’s Central Hobbies and Jim’s Junction. They both have taken plenty of cash from me. The other hobby stores I’ve come across are Warhammer centric places.

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