A loss of two members - RIP Brothers

Two old members have recently passed away.
Jim Lewis earlier this month, and Jim Incavo today.
May they rest in peace.


Well… there is only one thing in life that is certain…
May they rest in peace.


Jim “Guntruck” Lewis?

Yes Gary, Jim Guntruck Lewis.

RIP to both.

I met Jim “Guntruck” Lewis a few years ago at a show and he helped out with a few projects over the years. He was a great guy.

Didn’t know Jim Incavo.

I remember his first visit to Silicon Valley Scale Modeler’s. He was a skinny kid fresh out of the Air Force(?). Loved building models of HMMWVs. I helped him by giving him some books. He was quite a talented modeler.

I also met Jim Lewis probably about 19 years ago now at that same show. Very sad to hear of his passing. He was one of our core members and part of staff for those early years of Armorama. He will be missed.

Devastating news. I met Jim Lewis numerous times at shows. If I recall correctly, he was key in getting me and others into the Littlefield Museum when it was in California. He was a docent there for years. I am shocked to hear of his passing. RIP Guntruck


Sorry to hear the sad news. I remember Jim Lewis, he was a one of the good guys back in the day Armorama just started to exist. He will be missed.


Paix à leurs âmes

I recall Jim Lewis’ posts from the 1990s. He was one of the originals on the modeling forums when the modeling forums were in their infancy.

I think his nickname “Guntruck” was well deserved because he used to go out of his way to build and modify guntruck model kits.

As with many other modelers, I think he eventually faded from posting on the forums for various reasons as Myspace and Facebook grew more popular.

Dang late but heck Jim was fantastic in " Gun Truck " displays.

Yes he will be missed, RIP Jim.

OK I am simply shocked and saddend to hear @ Jim. His models which he displayed at San Antonio Hobbies in Mountain View, Ca for years, really were amazing with crisp edges and details. I was both inspired and intimidated by his mastery. Years later we took turns receiving awards at a local IPMS show. He was truly an inspiration and still IS!

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I am very sorry to hear of Jim’s passing and at this late date as well, we are fortunate to have shared in his legacy, his work is still an inspiration and a benchmark to strive for.

Cajun :latin_cross:

Just found this. Gun Truck will be missed. RIP Jim and Jim.