A Messer in Israel


I don’t fully understand myself, but this machine has always been on my list. A strange 109. I especially like the interesting role of the former German-Czech military technology in Israel.
The model is fairly new, very nice and extremely detailed. Basically we get a modified G Messser with bump propeller and ugly nose. The parts were an exact fit during dry fitting.
This is where I am with it so far:


Impressive detail work. What is your technique for cockpit shading?

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Thank you!

The tecnique is fair simple, multiple opaque layers of colors (aka filters):
-base color is AK RC RLM66;
-shadows and other dark areas created with AMMO Shader this time (never used this product before, but I got good results);
-higlights, details and light areas drybrushed with artistic oils (titanium white+Payne grey);
-washed the deep details with van Dyck brown-black mix oil paint.

Used this technique on many models before:


The Avia S-199 finally assembled and primed to hunt some surface mistakes. Minimal filler used on the wings leading edges and on the nose area. The kit engineered really well, the building phase went without problems. If Eduard will release 109 kits like this in the future I think we will be very satisfied.


Welcome to the forums! To me, the story behind the use of the Messerschmitt’s in the early Israeli Air Force and the start of the Israeli Air Force is fascinating and well worthy of building the kit.

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