A question about the T-55 AM

Is the T-55 AM able to mount the BTU-55 dozer blade? I assume the added armour on the lower glacis would interfere with any mounting, but a lot of the same things on the regular T-55 lower glacis are there on the AM. If not, would there be any other kind of dozer blade that would fit on a T-55 AM?


I think that it can as the mounting bolts are not covered up.

“This BTU, like the STU, is an overly ancient unit for the T-55AM. Even the BTU-55, judging by the lack of fasteners, cannot be installed on the M-ki if there is an additional reservation for the front hull.”
"It is precisely this BTU that will not stand up due to the changed thickness of the frontal parts of the hull. Yes, and it is archaic for the T-55M. To mount the BTU-55 on the VLD of the “M”-ok known to me, there is no plate on the VLD (pictured). Find the T -55AM with such a piece of iron and hang BTU-55, but not BTU. "

Source: Вопросы по Т-54/55 (матчасть и моделирование) : Форум моделистов

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CMK-3048 is made to fit the T-55A and T-62 tank and Skiff made a 1/35 kit of the T55A with the BTU-55 Dozer blade. Legend’s LF1313 BTU-55 Dozer set says it fits the T-55 and variants. Looking at the instructions of Takom’s T-55A and T-55AM the lower hull look identical and the lower front hull part are labeled J4 and J1 respectively, look the same. But I don’t see a definitive picture of theT-55AM with it. Sorry.