A shot in the dark

Ok fellas, now here’s another blast from the past. It depicts an encounter at the end of the war between an IR equipped German Grenadier and an unfortunate Soviet Marine who forgot to duck! A lot of artistic license here, no particular attempt at accuracy so, no rivet-counting please!
Now, I appreciate that this one is not for everyone so, if you are squeamish, look away now! You have been warned!

Negative comments incoming…


no, I think it looks rather good, actually. it is spot on, (This does happen in war,) and the detail is great.

Hi Lazarus,

Nothing negative from me, you’ve created a stunning little vignette imho, :slightly_smiling_face:.

Cheers, :beer:,


Great little vignette … Nothing to be squeamish about… Wars war … Some great detailing throughout.

I like it. I’m is probably way off, but your style reminds me of a friend who used to post his vignettes on Armorama couple of years ago. Very talented guy. And then I saw G. at the end of your post… Gary?


Read my very first post, ‘Close call’, then PM me brother :wink:

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Very nice. But, honestly, when I saw the thread title, I was hoping it was something from the Peter Sellers movie :crazy_face:

It is you! Good to have you back, my friend. Sending you a PM.


I can’t find a single one to count…

Great little vignette, very well executed.


Love it! :slight_smile:

Nicely executed :+1:

Nice little vignette there, no rivets from me