A small tree. A very - small - tree

Work, for the diorama. The birch is young, the materials are copper, brass, polymer clay. Assembly - soldering, some sculpting and painting with artistic oil paints. The thinnest branch, has a diameter of 0.01 mm. The height of the rod is approximately 130 mm.


The tree looks gorgeous. :heart_eyes:

Very nice work. :ok_hand:

Wow. One of the best/realistic trees i have seen in this scale. I would love to make one this good one day. Looks great without foliage which is difficulty to pull off. Curious if you are actually going to add leaves and if so please share here.

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Thank you for your kind words. The leaves were not originally planned and cannot be made, the tree is in the diorama of the customer who ordered it.

Stunning. Incredible.

Might you show us how you create such a masterpiece? I have tried to make wire trees but your technique is superb.

Thank you. I plan to make a video and post it on my YouTube channel.
However, not for a month at the earliest.


I can’t wait. Will you tell us when the video is live?? Please.

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Yes, I will definitely inform you, but the timing is very approximate. Please understand me as a resident of Ukraine. On Friday, there were a lot of explosions, shooting down rockets over the city. Yesterday and today, just welcomed the New Year - constant air raids. Systematic power cuts, but I will try. It is very difficult to shoot video.


We do. Hope 2023 goes better.