A tale of two PAK guns (1/35 Dragon/ Tamiya PAK-40 and PAK-38)

Hey all, I found I had two unbuilt PAK-40s and a PAK-38 in my stash today…

After a Well there’s your problem podcast I had the PAK-38 done.

EDIT: The wheels need some more clean up…

The fit was really nice and I love how much detail Dragon crammed into this tiny AT gun.
I plan on finishing it in Panzer grey.

And here is the Dragon PAK-40 built after two episodes of breaking bad and one Jack Ryan. I do like the final result but there were way to many parts for things that could be done in a single. (Sure you would lose some detail but it would be nicer to build.)
I plan on finishing this in Dunkelgelb

Now I would have built the Tamiya kit up today as well but sadly one of the gun shield parts seems to have evaporated from the sprue… Ooh well I will figure something out.
Since the Tamiya kit doesn’t have as many details I think a very worn winter whitewash will help cover that.

As soon as my order of AMMO paints arrive I can shoot some color on these!


In fairness though, you could probably finish an RFM kit after a Well There’s Your Problem podcast :wink:

Looking awesome Ezra! I’d love to see these on a diorama base.


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Nice pair o’ PaKs! … I would say you’re PaKin’ Heat but that’s been used already.:boom::boom:


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This post is just PAK’d with exciting well done builds!

Outstanding Ezra !


Nice pack o’ PAKs! Doom awaits advancing allied armor!


Thanks guys!

Pak-40 num 1 and PAK-38 primed black.

And Pak-40 num 2 received a facelift from the spare barrel and accurately sized muzzle brake from the Dragon kit. I had to glue the breech and barrel together like Tamiya asks then I cut the barrel off and added the Dragon one.

The Tamiya PAK should be done sometime tomorrow.


Todays update.

I built up the Tamiya PAK-40 and while I was at it I built up the Tamiya 3.7cm Flak 37 Anti-Aircraft Gun
The PAK-40 is the Tamiya kit OOB with the added Dragon barrel and wheels. The different colored gun shield is from a kit I built about a year ago that I salvaged.

WARNING the following sentence contains much blasphemy
I found the Dragon kit to be far superior to the Tamiya kit…

The Flak-37 though was a joy to build up and I can wait to add the two tone camo to it!
EDIT: One of the traverse handles was broken when I took the pic but has been since fixed.


Wow! That a a gun run! Very nice results for the weekend!

I like that Tamiya 3.7cm Flak 37 kit too. It’s a sweet build:)

I would hope 2005 vintage Dragon would yeild better build than a1975 vintage Tamiya.

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You’re banging away with this binge build!
In all fairness the Dragon kit is much more recent then the Tamiya one, so I don’t think it is a fair comparisson.