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Vespid's 1/72 scale A-34 Comet Mk.1A British Cruiser Tank

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Hi FristCircle,
Superb mini-tank!, like me a lot, very well finished, It would be perfectly confused with a higher scale, and the figures are wonderful, for their size and the finish achieved,
Good Job.
Cheers and TC
Francis. :+1:

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Get out of here. This is clearly a 1/35 kit, and a very well painted and weathered at that. You are not fooling anyone.

(At least this is what I keep telling myself. Astonishing. I really did think it was a large scale model when I saw the photo on the website.)

As for the oilbrushers: what color and how did you use them? (They are somewhat of an enigma for me as I have not yet ordered one to try.)

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Thanks Francis, Andras.
Andras, I found it cheaper to buy the sets of three, and got the Starship colours set ( black, white, starship filth, which is a kind of dark greeny grey) and the Earth colours set ( earth, dusty earth, a very pale shade, and earth clay). About £10 each set from Model Hobbies on ebay.
I dab a bit of the colours into a plastic bottle top, and have another bottle top with odorless thinners. Three brushes - fine paint, for application in dots, lines, or whatever, or even as a thinned pinwash; fine thinners brush, almost dry, for spreading, adjusting etc.; completely dry flattish brush for blending.
I was able to to pinwashing, shading, streaking, virtually all the shading and weathering with those colours and brushes, mixing as I went. I think the advantage over normal oils is thinner paint, faster drying time, and convenient dispensers that allow use of tiny amounts at a time. I just use the brush in the bottle to transfer it to the bottle top,and as you just put that brush back in with the lid, you aren’t needing to use another implement to get paint out, not having to clean it off each time.

Very neatly and nicely done canvass mantlet cover. Did you use an epoxy-type putty?

Hi, thanks, yes, I used this.

I could have sworn that this model was in 1/35! Very well done!


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Where can we purchase this kit?


Hi, from what I have seen, vendors in China via eBay may be your best and cheapest bet, a lot seem to do free postage, so it’s just a question of waiting for it to arrive.