AA weapon historical accuracy - Graf Spee

Hi guys

I have a question on the number of 20mm AA gun installed on Graf Spee in 1939.

Both 1/350 and 1/700 Trumpeter Graf Spee kits have 14 of them:

  1. 1 x 20mm on bow
  2. 2 x 20mm right behind Turret “A”
  3. 2 x 20mm on top of the bridge
  4. 4 x 20mm around funnel
  5. 4 x 20mm around Turret “B”
  6. 1 x 20mm on stern

Total 14 of them.

However from Polish publisher Kagero,

“Before setting off for her commerce raiding sortie, the ship received two more 2 cm guns mounted on the sides behind the main battery gun turret “B”, thus increasing the number of these guns to twelve pieces. “

“ On August 31, the information about the planned attack against Poland on September 1 was received. In the evening the ship was in combat readiness. In the morning of the next day she met with the fleet tanker Altmark, which acted as her supply ship, to bunker fuel and transfer provisions. For the following hours both vessels were drifting, waiting for the events to unfold. In the meantime unnecessary equipment including heavy boats, canvas landing-mat, stern and riding booms, etc. were transferred to the tanker, and so were two of the battleship’s 20 mm anti-aircraft guns. “

So Graf Spee originally had 10 x 20mm guns and increased to 12 before Sep 1939, and reduced to 10 after Sep 1939. Does anyone know:

  1. What is the layout of those 12 x 20mm AA?
  2. Does Trumpeter get it wrong?
  3. What is the final layout of 20mm AAs before Battle of River Plate?