AAV interior

Im building HB’s AAV-R and there are what look like ammo cans on the upper inside deck at the hull rear end, (they have PE screens around one side of them). Anyone know if these were painted standard color or foam green like almost everything else in the interior of this build?

Photos show them in (edit) foam green. :slightly_smiling_face:

Foam green?

Do you have the part #s? If they are stored ammo cans, they should be dark green like all US ammo cans.

Sprue C (two of those), the parts above ‘obby.pl’ and ‘aking.e’

and on the other side

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I was referring to the screens around the cans, not the cans themselves. That is how I read the request.


PE parts A4 and A5


Thanks everyone. I was talking about the ammo cans. No gun on this track - but spare for local dismounts?

Could be spare ammo for the crew, or just ammo cans used to store oddments and other bits and pieces. We used ammo cans to store all sorts of stuff. They make great field shaving kits and field humidors too.

Thanks Gino.