Abandoned T-34/85 - 1944

Hey everyone I’m back!!!
Its been far to long but school and everything else in life has kept me extremely busy. Ive really missed everyone on here.

Well my first real 1/35 Diorama and last build of 2022 finished!

I based the scene off of knocked out tanks in Ukraine with lots of stowage and junk scattered everywhere.
The base kit was the Dragon T-34/85 with Eduard PE and mostly scratch built and 3D printed stowage.

The base is a peice of wood that was then covered in a thick mix of real dirt mixed with PVA and a little paint for that chucky turned earth look. The scatter on the ground is a mix of seafoam twigs, emptied tea bags and leaves made using a punch.

Its a very stylistic base but I love the result.

What do yall think?


Outstanding build Ezra and captured perfectly with really great photography. Glad you posted.


Edit: PS I’ve always enjoyed your builds but you’ve taken it to a whole new level. Congratulations!


amazing work, you neex to submit an article about it to a magazine!


Your best work to date and I really liked the tankette you built. :+1::+1:


That looks like a masterpiece Ezra – the twilight effect’s certainly atmospheric, any chance of seeing it in daylight too?

Welcome back Ezra, I hadnt noticed you missing …lol … only kidding. Glad all the busy real life stuff has eased off for you know. The build is terrific mate. Really first class from the dio base up to the top of the turret. everything blends and gels together perfectly. I also like the dark night feeling, but would be good to also see in it in normal light to see a few more of the details. Great work :+1: :+1:

and I agree with Ryan @Tank_1812 - may well be your best piece to date.


Yeap- as @Dioramartin said this is a masterpiece. The atmosphere you’ve created both with the modelling and the photography is just stunning. There is so much to see in terms of details but also much to admire in terms of painting and weathering- the dirt, the mud, the leaves, the running paint on the turret, the scattered equipment, the water in the bucket, the texture of the mud- all just adds up to create a show-stopper of a piece.

Truly outstanding Ezra! Stunning work all around, and I’d love to see it in a magazine.

Wondered where you had went! Fantastic way to return to the site! Outstanding in every way

Ezra, this is gorgeous! Stunning - your best work yet!

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Love the weathering especially the dark tones. Gives the model so much depth and interest, intensity etc.

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If we had more young builders like Erza the hobby would be in good hands for the foreseeable future. Outstanding work all around. Great composition on a compact base. Lots of really neat small details and just a splash of color here and there to catch the viewers eye. :+1: :+1: :+1:


That is just fantastic…

Outstanding work Ezra. Your modeling and photography have come a long way.

Truly reckless “abandon” with weathering products! … And I mean that in a good way. :smile:
Very nice work! :art: :paintbrush:


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it looks amazing.

I always loved how rugged the T-34 was; seeing how many are being fished out from bogs and lakes in eastern Europe after the war, fully preserved., it’s a testament to the toughness of this Soviet workhorse.


Very wonderful work!
Looks very impressive!

Welcome back! Your diorama is fantastic. You’ve really captured the essence of the many photos of current Russian equipment in Ukraine. Glad you are back in the groove.