Aber barrel issue

Anyone ever had some issues with an Aber barrel? I am building the Tamiya Elefant and picked up an Aber barrel for the Pak 43. I primed it last night and noticed these striations running the length of the barrel. They are subtle but they are there. I stripped it and then spun it in my fingers and sure enough I can feel some slight ridges. I’ve used Aber barrels with no problems in the past. This is a bit frustrating as the whole point for me of a metal barrel is to limit the amount of clean up and to get a nice round barrel.

Anyway I can fix this? Will sand paper touch the aluminum?

Perhaps a couple of coats of primer - rattle can perfectly acceptable I’d have thought.

I might try some 620 grit sandpaper and slowly spin the barrel through the sand paper for a couple minutes. Masking tape any edges or areas you do not want sanded. a coat of primer should cover anything the 620 grit leaves.


Occasionally, Aber’s machining is sort of a half-assed effort in my experience with their gun barrels. Have had a couple the muzzle brake wouldn’t thread properly unless the threads were chased etc. Have also received a couple of MG34 barrels that were blemished. All of it still useable with extra clean up etc.


On a barrel like the one pictured above if it had ridges, I’d prime it with several coats of Mr Surfacer 1000 or 1500 or something similar and let it cure for a few days.

Then I’d chuck the back of the barrel in a drill or other rotary tool and spin the side of the barrel against a wet 600 grit sanding stick, followed with wet 800 stick or a wet 1000 stick. Moving the sanding sticks along the barrel to help get an even finish.


@Armor_Buff and @TopSmith good suggestions. Gave these a try and the barrel is no nice and smooth with no ridges or bumps

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