Aber gun barrels - solder?

I’m eyeing an aber barrel for my mini-art T-54 (if I could find them in the States it would be way better, anyone?).

Looking at the instructions they say use CA glue but that they work better with solder. I’m kind of ok with soldering but there are several small PE parts that get wrapped around the fume extractor. I’m a little hesitant about those.

Has anyone built one of these or something similar and have any tips or suggestions about this?

If the barrels are made from turned aluminum it will be difficult (very) to solder them.
Difficult as in dang near impossible for an amateur …

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Silver solder or brazening are the two main options for dissimilar metals however that’s usually concerning metals whose thicknesses are much more than what we are dealing w when using PE. I think the silver solder will be much to thick for this application.

Andys Hobby Headquarters has an Aber T-54 barrel, though it’s specified for the Takom kit. They also have one for a T-54B/T-55, really don’t know the difference as my knowledge of Soviet stuff ends at WWII

My take on soldering is that it’s best used for parts that need to be held in shape, like curved fenders or fuel tanks, and for protruding parts that are likely to be knocked into, really any place where strength would be good. So small parts that are wrapped around an object and aren’t protruding, I’d probably just glue.

Thanks all for the feedback. I appreciate it.

After Robin said Aluminum is not easy to solder I did a little research and it sounds like it does call for special solder and perhaps a special tool. I’m sure the aber barrel is aluminum but I don’t know what alloys are mixed in.

I’ll stick with glue.

Thanks for the pointer to Andy’s. Aber makes one that is especially for the miniart kit. I imagine I could make another one work as my tank is closed up and it will all be hidden inside. I may pull the trigger and order from Poland.

I’m still hoping the plastic one doesn’t turn out to bad. I’ve given it a second sanding and hopefully it is still round enough. I’ll know when I get some of the right colored paint on it.