About the Convoy! category

This campaign is aimed at anything truck-like, essentially anything bigger than a Jeep but smaller than a Liberty Ship that moves cargo (and other stuff) from A to B with wheels. We’re talking Beeps, Deuces, Blitzes, Kenworths, Macs, Volvos, and any other rig that was originally designed on a chassis to haul stuff, even if your variant left the factory kitted out for something more specialized. Fire truck? Great! Recovery truck? Sure! DUKW in WW2 glory? Why not? Or a DUKW-tours modern conversion? Super! And if you’re into civvie trucks that’s great - I have a soft spot for the old AMT 1:25 rigs. And how about the classic Aussie outback Road Train? If you’d rather convert a tanker to the Mad Max 2 rolling pillbox that’d be fine too! My aim is to be as inclusive as possible, so we can all have fun building what we enjoy. Let’s say any scale, any country, any type, military or civilian or both!

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