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Figure & Historical miniatures topics reside here.

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Thanks Jim…I must have missed that or it is a recent addition.
Have a great day!

You and me both …
I think it is new …
I hope it gets traction, the Figures subforum was very lively


Peculiar behaviour when quoting a post in a reply.
A multi line text written without carriage returns can be quoted:

but a text which contains a carriage return (don’t think it is a simple linefeed) can not be quoted:
Quote me not

This post is full of CR.

One line of text. Shift CR
The next line. Try to quote it.

Test result: CR and Shift + CR behave in the same way
Using Enter key instead
Maybe it behaves differently
I will soon find out.
Nope, it did not

Good to know when the questions about ‘Why can’t I quote a post’ start dropping in


There would appear to be one way around that. Copy the text you want to quote (with any line breaks - as we web developers call them) and then click the quote icon in the composer window. All the lines are then quoted. Not as quick, but more effective than individually doing them the other way.

You and me both …
I think it is new …
I hope it gets traction, the Figures subforum was very lively

Ignore that the image is showing the wrong icon selected. It’s the " one. :slight_smile:

Seems to be very nearly as fast as the other method.

Discuss historical miniatures of the 54mm or other typical scale here. HFMs status going forward is still a bit undecided, but if we can gain enough interest in this group I would definitely consider launching a content site for Historicus Forma.

Thank you for this Jim. I hope that others are interested in it as well. Some of the books I review for Osprey Publishing really don’t have a home other than on the Historicus Forma site due to their subject matter so I hope that this gains popularity and stays.

Thank you,
Randy :grin:

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Same here. Randy and I sometimes can’t quite find a site forum category. We try to post where the topic is the best match, i.e., a book about a campaign with a strong armor presence I put on Armorama, and ‘Finnish Soldier vs Russian Soldier’ will go here. But some topics do challenge the creativity and logic of a reviewer, i.e., Constantinople AD 717-18. It features ships, soldiers, siege engines. All historical. So it went there.

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