About the Gimme Some LUVin' Group Build category

There has been quite a bit of interest in a light utility type vehicle build, so here we go…

The intent here is to build a model of a small wheeled vehicle that served in similar roles to the ubiquitous and iconic Jeep. It could be a basic transport for a small number of personnel, or it too could have gone through hauling cargo to becoming a fighting vehicle such as used by the SAS. The vehicle should have been designed to offer no armour protection for the occupants in original development, but ‘field modification’ add on’s are acceptable. Acceptable vehicles are:

‘Traditional’ Jeep type vehicles:
Willy’s MB, Bantam BRC and Ford GPW, GPA, Kubelwagen, Schwimmwagen, Gaz 64B, Austin Champ, M151 (‘Ford Mutt’), Kurogane Type 95, etc

Other light unarmoured cargo/general purpose vehicles such as :
M274 Mechanical Mule, Supacat ATMP, etc, and light utility cars like the Austin 10 HP and Hillman Utility (Tillies), etc.

Included are the military versions of civilian based 4 x 4 vehicles like :
Land Rover Series 1, 2 & 3, Land Rover 109 (Think SAS Pinky/Dinky), Military Ford Bronco’s and Chevy CUCV, Toyota Hi-Lux used as technicals, etc. Rule of thumb on vehicle size - think a wheeled general purpose (utility use) vehicle that would normally fit comfortably in your average shopping centre carpark and still let you get in and out without taking out the vehicle next door!

Excluded are vehicles that were designed to be partially or fully armoured vehicles and larger type military vehicles such as:
HMMWV, UAZ-469, GAZ Tigr, Husky TSV, MRAP, etc. (we could do a build of these in the future).

The build is open to all scales, and any era from the birth of the motor vehicle to the present day.