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Hi, my name is Gil. I started modeling around 7 or 8 as far as I can remember. I built autos, planes, ships & armor. I stopped in my late teens. Built 3 or 4 (1/48) FW’s & 109’s in my mid 20’s and a guillow’s wooden Dora 190. Threw together a Revell B17 to hang over my computer when I was online gaming in Air Warrior and then Aces High in my 30’s. Picked the hobby back up in my 50’s when I happened to stumble upon a hobby shop in my town. Was living in Peabody, MA then. Moved out to Oklahoma City in Nov 2006. I now have over 85+ kits and 2 in the mail now. I mostly was doing German WWII until my wife said “how come you don’t do any American stuff”… well, now I have about 12 or more M4’s. I have a stash of 1/32 planes/jets also. Well I guess I’ve rambled on long enough? If anybody is still awake (yawn)… I’ll pull out what’s done & wip’s and start posting some pics. My eyes and hands are not as good as they were and I don’t always follow true historical modeling. I just do them as I go along mostly for fun. Well “Thank You” all for having me on your site!