About the Reference by Subject category

A text and photo resource for information about vehicles, aircraft, ships, etc. that includes information not readily found on Wikipedia about same.

What is Different about this Forum?
This is a Wiki-enabled section of the site, which means that members with a trust level of 2 or higher can create new topics, edit and make changes to posts and information and posts in the topics here. All changes are saved and recorded so please use this with due care. However that said any mistakes can be easily reverted to prior versions.

How to I reach Trust level 2?

How Should Posts be Structured?
We are still figuring out the best template to use for this project, but it’s safe to say that any information you think is unique or interesting to a modeler or even just someone curious about the subject can be posted in the Subject Topic. A Subject Topic could be either a family of vehicles, like the Sherman Tank, or a specific variant of that tank. That said if there are related topics they should be linked so that people can move between them.

Make sure to make use of the tagging system as this will allow people to access other related subjects as well. So for example a topic on the Sherman could be tagged with: sherman, tank, M4, usa.