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This campaign covers everything that is in the Sci-Fi universe or the alternative history.

This could be anything from Star Wars, Star Trek, or any other Sci-Fi franchise.

Alternative history subjects are also included. So all your “what-if” ideas belong here as well. For example panzer 1946 or luftwaffe 1946 ideas. All alternative history for all historical periods are included.

Any scale or medium is allowed.

Remember to post a starting picture.

My subject: a Revell Snowspeeder, turning into a What-If fighter of Hungarian Air Force.

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I am going to do this after I finish the Winter Wonderland campaign…the new 1/32 Tie Fighter by AMT…

Then I will also try to build and refinish this… the Revell 1/29 X Wing…should scale pretty close with the Tie…out of the box it is pretty much a toy…I have some 3D printed parts coming…but not going totally crazy $$$$…some updated parts, repainting and a new pilot.

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@ Agriamodeling
@ Floridabucco

You might want to move your posts to where the campaign is already in progress, here:

—mike …:flying_saucer:

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Thank you, lol, I did it from my phone, wrong topic. I was looking for it and could not see my post…and was wondering what happened.