Abrams engine grill RFI

The Tamiya 1/16 Abrams kit is a bit sparse on details. This is especially apparent on the exhaust grills.

This is what I’ve drawn up so far:

Pretty rough.

I’m after decent pics of the underside of the grills themselves. I had the opportunity for a walk around & it didn’t even occur to me to take pics of the exhausts!




This walk around is from Pawel Krupowicz, who was involved with the design work of the Dragon kit and was very active on the old site.


Thanks for that. What an excellent resource. Wish I had that during the bustle rack design phase.

More walk arounds

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Here are some pics of my effort. Basis is the Heng Long 1/16 RC M1A2 converted to a M1A1 Heavy Armor with the TUSK I.
Lots of brass work.Here is the tank I am modeling.

My effort



Hey Barry ! You beat me to it, I was about to link to your build.

Hi Sean,


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I saw that, hope you’re feeling better.

Nice work, Barry. Thanks for posting. Mine won’t be anywhere near that level of detail.

Thanks to all of the references provided, I’ve updated my model to more correctly position the grills. Still lots of work to go, but I’m happy with the basics.

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@barryc680 - if it’s not too much trouble, could you take & post a pic or two of your engine grill latches? Cheers.

Hope these help if not let me know.


Thanks Barry, very helpful - & impeccable work!

Thank you sir!